Superintendence Committee

Convener: Rev Jeff McCormick (email:

CLICK HERE to access more information and downloadable files relating to the Annual Inspection of Records, Quinquennial Visitation, Safeguarding and other matters. Next meeting: to be arranged.

For information about Data Protection please go to our Resources page.

Stewardship and Finance Committee

Convener: Mrs Pam Gibson (

Next meeting:  to be arranged.

CLICK HERE to access information and downloadable files relating to how each churches Ministry and Mission contribution is calculated, and for guidance on Expenses Claims.

Property Committee

Convener: Rev Lindsay Schluter   (email: ).

Next meeting: Tues 14th or Wed 15th Nov 2017, 2.30pm, Dunbeg

CLICK HERE to access guidance and downloadable forms relating to Applications for Property Expenditure.

Augusta Lamont Bequest Committee

Convener: to be appointed

CLICK HERE to access information and downloadable forms relating to applications to the Augusta Lamont Bequest Committee.

Business Committee

Convener:  Ms Marilyn Shedden (email:

Next meeting:  Tuesday 7th November, 1.30pm, Cumlodden Church, Furnace

CLICK HERE to access Standing orders and Glossary of Latin terms relevant to Presbytery Business.

Ministry Committee

Convener:  Ms Margaret Jacobsen (email:

Next meeting: Wednesday 17th January 2018, 10.30 am, Cumlodden Church Hall, Furnace.

Mission Committee

Convener:  Rev Roderick Campbell (email:

The next meeting: Wednesday 31st January 2018, 11am, Kilmartin Church Hall

CLICK HERE for more information.

Vacancy Procedure Committee

Convener:  Rev David Mitchell (email: