Inspection of records

The Committee is concerned with matters concerning Congregational Records and with inspection of the Minute Book of Presbytery.

The annual Inspection and Attestation of Congregational Rolls and Records takes place on the 3rd Tuesday morning (10am – 12noon) in April each year. A convenor will appoint three teams to inspect the records at three venues in Presbytery. Guidance Notes for preparing documents and submitting them for inspection are available here:

Guideline notes for the keeping presenting of Congregational Records 2017 -


SG7 Safeguarding Congregational Register – pdf:  SG7 (2017) or word: SG7 (2017)

Property Register – pdf format or Word doc file

Manse Condition Schedule – pdf format or Word doc file

Five-yearly Visits to Congregations

It is concerned with the Visitation of Congregations. It will report to Presbytery on the five-year cycle of visits and will draw to the attention of the Business Committee any matters of concern which have been drawn to its attention during the Visitation.

The Superintendence Committee of the Presbytery of Argyll has developed questions which form the basis of the discussions during the Visit. An information pack is available below. A rota is prepared according to which congregations will be visited.

Local Review Visit Guidleines and Forms 2015 (word)

Local Review Visit Guidleines and Forms 2015 (pdf)

Presbytery Visit Rota (excel)

Presbytery Visit Rota (pdf)



SG7 Safeguarding Congregational Register – pdf:  SG7 (2017) or Word: SG7 (2017)

SG11 (2017) –   Safequarding Self-Assessment Checklist  (word)

SG11 (2017) –   Safequarding Self-Assessment Checklist (pdf)

SG11 Guidance note (2017)

Safeguarding Publications order form

Other matters

It has responsibility in cases where matters of discipline may be involved, in cases of conflict or where a complaint is lodged.

The Convenor, Deputy Convenor and Secretary will decide on action regarding matters of discipline, complaints and conflict and will report back to the Committee.


Rev Jeff McCormick
tel: 01546 603269

Doreen Henderson
Depute Convener and Safeguarding Officer
tel: 01631 710379

Rev Robin Mackenzie
Inspection of Records
tel: 01369 860246