For a map based listing and contact details, see the Church of Scotland Church Finder . See also  Scotland’s Churches Trust listings.

(H) indicates hearing aid loop system installed.

Appin linked with Lismore

Services: Sunday 10am.   Minister:  Rev Iain Barclay.

Ardchattan  linked with Coll linked with Connel

Coll Church: Arinagour Village,  Isle of Coll.  Services: Coll Church: Sunday 11.30am;  Dunbeg Church: Sunday  12 noon, Sunday 6.30pm (except July and August). Interim Moderator: Rev Dugald Cameron   Website:

Ardrishaig (H) linked with South Knapdale

Address:  Tarbert Road, Ardrishaig.  Services: Sunday 11am. Minister: Rev David  Carruthers

Barra linked with South Uist

Address:  Isle of Barra HS9. Services:  11.30am. Minister:  Rev Dr Lindsay Schluter

Bute – see Rothesay Trinity; and The United Church of Bute  (under T)

Bridge of Orchy – see Strathfillan

Campbeltown: Highland (H)

Address: Top of Newquey Street,  Campbeltown Services: Sunday 11.15am, fortnightly evening service at 6.30pm,  no services during July and August.  Interim Moderator: Rev David Carruthers.  Website:

Campbeltown: Lorne  and Lowland (H)

Longrow, Campbeltown Services: Sunday 11.15am,  Sunday 6.30pm (second and fourth Sundays in the month only) Interim Moderator: Rev  William Crossan

Central Cowal

Interim Moderator: Mrs Alison Hay.   Deaconess: Glenda Wilson

      Kirn and Sandbank (H)

Kirn Church: Marine Parade, Kirn,  Dunoon PA23   Kirn Church Centre: Hunter Street, Kirn, Dunoon  PA23   Services: Sunday       10.30am   Website: Interim Moderator: Mrs Alison Hay

      Dunoon: St John’s (H)

Hanover Street,  Dunoon   Services: Sunday 10.15am, Sunday 6.30pm (evening service last  Sunday of month only)Interim Moderator: Mrs Alison Hay

Colintraive: see West Cowal Parish


Colonsay and Oransay

Services: 11.30am held jointly at which members of all denominations are welcomed and worship together.  Check noticeboard at shop or Contact: Session Clerk, Kevin Byrne 01951  200320. Interim Moderator: Mrs Alison Hay. Web site

Connel linked with Coll

Connel Village, by Oban   Dunbeg Church: Etive Road, Dunbeg Village, by Oban. Services: Sunday  10.30am. Interim Moderator: Rev Dugald Cameron. Website:

Craignish – see Netherlorn

Craignure - parish of Torosay and Kinlochspelvie- see Mull

Crianlarich – see Strathfillan

Cumlodden,  Lochfyneside and Lochgair - see West  Lochfyneside

Dalmally – see Glenorchy & Innishael

Dervaig - parish of Kilninian and Kilmore – see Mull

Dunoon: St John’s linked with Kirn and Sandbank (H) – see Central  Cowal

Dunoon: High Kirk – see South East Cowal

Gigha and Cara  (H) linked with Kilcalmonell and Killean & Kilchenzie

By Ardminish, Isle of Gigha. Services: Sunday 11am.   Interim Moderator: Mrs Alison Hay

Glassary and Kilmartin and Ford linked with North  Knapdale

Glassary, Kilmartin and Ford Church: Sunday 11.30am Interim Moderator: Mrs Alison Hay

Glenaray and Inveraray – see West  Lochfyneside

Glenorchy and Innishael linked with Strathfillan  (H)

Addresses: Glenorchy Kirk: Dalmally (H).  St Conan’s Kirk,  Lochawe & Portsonachan Village Hall.  Services: Glenorchy: Sunday 10am;    St Conan’s: Sunday 9am (1st Sunday); Portsonachan: Sunday 6.00pm (last  Sunday). Interim Moderator: Mrs Alison Hay Website:  

Innellan – see South East Cowal

Inverary – see West Lochfyneside

Iona linked with Kilfinichen and Kilvickeon and the  Ross of Mull

Services:  6th April to 26th October 2014 – 12 noon on Iona and 2.30pm on Mull (alternating between Bunessan and Creich).          2nd November 2014 to 29th March 2015 – 10.30am on Mull (alternating between Bunessan and Creich) and 1.30pm on Iona.  Please check website for details.

Website:      Minister: Rev Jenny Earl


Craighouse, Isle of Jura   Services: Sunday 11.30am. InInterim Moderator: Mrs Alison Hay.

Kilarrow (H)

High Street, Bowmore, Islay   Services: Sunday 10am. Interim Moderator: Mrs Alison Hay. Website:

Kilberry : see  Tarbert  (H)

Kilberry PA29 6YB.Interim Moderator: Mrs Alison Hay

Kilcalmonell linked with Killean & Kilchenzie and Gigha & Cara

Kilcalmonell  Church: Clachan, by Tarbert. Services: Kilcalmonell Church: Sunday 10am. Interim Moderator: Mrs Alison Hay.

Kilchoman and Portnahaven linked with Kilmeny

Kilchoman Church: St Kiaran’s Church, Port Charlotte, Isle of Islay PA48 7UD   Portnahaven Church: Portnahaven, Isle of Islay

Services: Kilchoman Church: Sunday 11.30am Kilmeny & Portnahaven:  Sunday 10am

Minister: Rev Valerie Watson G.C. MA BD STM. Website:

Kilchrenan and Dalavich  linked with Muckairn

1st & 3rd Sunday Kilchrenan 9.45am, 2nd & 4th Sunday Dalavich 9.45am. Weekly Muckairn 11.30am, 5th Sundays Joint Services – check for details Interim Moderator: Rev Roderick Campbell (

Kildalton and Oa

Port Ellen, Isle of Islay PA42  7DH Services: Sunday 11am  Interim Moderator: Rev Valerie Watson.

Kilfinan: Please see West Cowal Parish

Kilfinichan and Kilvickeon and the Ross of Mull linked with  Iona

Services:  6th April to 26th October 2014 – 12 noon on Iona and 2.30pm on Mull (alternating between Bunessan and Creich).      2nd November 2014 to 29th March 2015 – 10.30am on Mull (alternating between Bunessan and Creich) and 1.30pm on Iona.  Please check website for details.

Website:       Interim Moderator: Rev Liz Gibson (

Killean and Kilchenzie (H) linked with Kilcalmonell and Gigha & Cara

A’Chleit, Muasdale,  Tarbert PA29 6XD.  Services: Sunday 11.30am.  Interim Moderator: Alison Hay.

Kilmelford –  see Netherlorn

North and West Islay

Ballygrant, Isle of Islay PA45 7QW.  Services: Sunday 10am.  Interim Moderator: Alison Hay  Website:

Kilmodan – see  West Cowal Parish

Kilmore and Oban (H)

Glencruitten Road PA34  4DN (at the junction of Soroba Road and Glencruitten Road).  Kilmore Kirk:  Kilmore (six miles south of Oban on the A816 Lochgilphead road)   Services: Glencruitten: Sunday 10.30am (Gaelic  worship fourth Sunday of the month at 3pm). Kilmore Kirk: Sunday 12 noon (first  Sunday of the month only).  Minister: Rev Dugald Cameron Email: Website:

Kilmun ,Strone and  Ardentinny: The Shore Kirk

Shore Road, Kilmun Services: Sunday 12 noon.   Interim Moderator: Rev Joe Stewart.

Kilninver – see Netherlorn

Kirn and Sandbank – see Central Cowal

Kyles – see West Cowal

Lismore linked with Appin

Lismore PA34 Services:  Sunday 12.30pm.  Minister:  Rev Iain Barclay

Lochawe – see Glenorchy & Innishael

Lochgilphead Oban Road, Lochgilphead Services: Sunday  11am Minister: Rev Hilda C. Smith Email:   Website:

Lochgoilhead (H) and  Kilmorich

Lochgoilhead Church:  Services: Sunday 9.45am.   Services are held every 2nd Sunday in Kilmorich Church, Cairndow at 12pm, with a service of praise held on the 5th Sunday of each respective month at 7pm. Minister: Rev  Robin Mackenzie

Muckairn linked with Kilchrenan & Dalavich

Taynuilt Services: 11.30am, 5th Sunday of month Joint Service – check for details.  Minister: Rev Tom Telfer(


the north of Mull has 4 linked parishes  with churches at Craignure, Dervaig, Salen & Tobermory.  Web site:  Interim Moderator: Rev Jenny Earl, Locum: Rev Liz Gibson

      Kilninian and Kilmore

Dervaig, PA75 6QW Service at  2pm every Sunday

      Salen (H) and Ulva

Salen, PA72 6JB Services: Sunday 10.15am


Argyll Terrace, Tobermory  PA75 9PB Services: Sunday 11am

     Torosay (H) and  Kinlochspelve

Craignure, PA65 6AY Service at 12 noon every  Sunday.

For the south of Mull please see Kilfinichan & Kilvickion & the Ross  of Mull


Website: Interim Moderator: Mrs Alison Hay


Ardfern, Lochgilphead PA31 8QN Services: Sunday 10.15am

      Kilbrandon & Kilchattan

Isle of Seil & Isle of  Luing. Services: Sundays Kilbrandon 10.00am, Kilchattan 11.30am.

      Kilninver & Kilmelford

Kilinver Church: Kilinver,  Oban PA34 4UT; Kilmelford Church: Kilmelford, Oban PA34 4XA. Services:  Sunday 12 noon (alternate weeks in each church)

North Knapdale linked with Glassary, Kilmartin and Ford

Tayvallich Church: Tayvallich; Bellanoch Church: Bellanoch; Inverlussa  Church: Inverlussa. Services: Please visit website for details of service  times. Interim Moderator: Mrs Alison Hay  Website:

Portnahaven linked with Kilchoman

Portnahaven  Church: Portnahaven Village PA47 7SW.  Services: Sunday 10am. Interim Moderator: Mrs Alison Hay  Website:

Portsonachan – see  Glenorchy & Innishael

Rothesay Trinity (H)

Address: Castle Street, Rothesay  Minister; Rev Sibyl Tchaikovsky  Website:

Also see The United Church of Bute (under U)

Saddell and Carradale.

Saddell (H):  Sunday service:  10am

Salen – see Mull

Skipness linked with Tarbert Loch Fyne and Kilberry

Services: 10am.  Minister: Interim Moderator: Mrs Alison Hay

South Uist linked with Barra

Services: alternate fortnightly between Howmore and Daliburgh, the service in Howmore at 11am, the one at Daliburgh at 5.30pm. Minister:  Rev Dr Lindsay Schluter.

Southend (H)

Services: 11.45am.  Minister: Rev. Steve Fulcher

South East Cowal

Interim Moderator: Mrs Alison Hay

      Dunoon: the High Kirk (H)

Kirk Brae,  Dunoon.   Services: Sunday 11am Interim Moderator: Mrs Alison Hay

      Innellan (H)

Mathieson  Lane, Innellan.   Services: Sunday 11.30am Interim Moderator: Mrs Alison Hay


Services: Sunday 10am Interim Moderator: Mrs Alison Hay

South Knapdale linked with Ardrishaig

South Knapdale Church: Achahoish, by Lochgilphead.  Services: South  Knapdale Church: Sunday 9.45am (1 April to 30 September), Sunday 12.30pm (1  October to 31 March).  Minister: Rev David Carruthers

Southend (H)

Southend, Campbeltown. Services: Sunday 11.45am.  Minister: Rev Steven Fulcher

Strachur and Strathlachlan

Services: Strachur Church:  Sunday 11.30am; Stathlachlan Church: Sunday 10am.  Minister: Rev Robin  Mackenzie

Strathfillan linked with Glenorchy &  Innishael

Address: Crianlarich Church: FK20 8QN.   Bridge of Orchy  Church: PA36 4AD.   Services: Crianlarich: Sunday 11:30am (1st, 3rd & 5th  Sunday) Bridge of Orchy: Sunday 11.30am (2nd & 4th Sunday). Interim Moderator: Mrs Alison Hay  Website:


Tarbert Loch Fyne and Kilberry linked with Skipness

Tarbert, Loch Fyne PA29  6SX.    Interim Moderator: Mrs Alison Hay   Services at Kilberry:  usually 2nd and 4th Sundays in the month,  2.00pm.    Services at Tarbert: 11.30am.

Tobermory – see Mull


Heylipol Church PA77  6TN. Services: Sunday 11.30am and 6pm.   Interim Moderator:  Mr Douglas Allan.

Toward - see South east Cowal

Ulva  - see Mull

United Church of Bute

UCB Church Centre, High Street, Rothesay. Services: Sunday 11.00am and from Sept-June 7.00pm. Minister: Rev J. Owain Jones.  Website:

West Cowal Parish (union of Kilfinan linked with  Kilmodan and Colintraive linked with Kyles)

Address: Kilfinan: Kilfinan;   Kilmodan: Clachan of Glendaruel; Colintraive: Colintraive; Kyles: Kames,  Tighnabruaich Services: Kilfinan: Sunday 12.15pm Kilmodan: Sunday  10.45am (3rd & 4th Sundays of month) Colintraive: Sunday 10.45am (1st & 2nd Sundays of month) Kyles: Sunday 9.30am Minister: Rev David  Mitchell Email:

West Lochfyneside

Minister:  Rev Roderick Campbell

      Cumlodden, Lochfyneside & Lochgair

Website:  Services – see website – times vary monthly

      Glenaray & Inverary

Main Street, Inverary. Services: Sunday 11.30am . Website: