Presbytery Prayer Rota for September 2018 – August 2019

Presbytery of Argyll Prayer Rota 2018-19 full year v1


Presbytery Prayer for June 2017

Loving and gracious God, we give you thanks as we approach the long days of summer, when people enjoy family time and summer holidays, spent in happy and safe places.  We are devastated to read in our papers and see on our televisions the carnage at an event, which is part of that family time and the happy places we think of as summer.  Our hearts are heavy when we think of the people who died and the ones still in hospital, and their families and friends, and we ask that you stay close to them, and that they feel the strength that You give to everyone who is bereaved and who is sick.

Lord, hear our prayer.

Lord, our children are coming to the end of a school year and are looking forward to the long summer holidays ahead, and we ask that they are kept safe and are happy. At this time leaders are organising Holiday Clubs in some of our churches, and we ask that they are blessed and supported by the Holy Spirit at this time.  May we ask that the young people come to know the risen  Christ and become the people that Jesus asks us to be in His name.

Lord, hear our prayer.

In June we meet as a Presbytery, with decisions to be made, and to discuss the decisions of the General Assembly.  May our thoughts and actions be to your will.  We pray for congregations in vacancy, and we ask that Ministers may be found to minister in Argyll.  We ask blessings on all our Convenors as they give their reports for our approval.

Lord, hear our prayer.

Lord, in a troubled world we ask that world leaders can come together to talk of peace between nations. We ask that hunger and poverty be addressed, and that all can live in a peace that You alone can give. Lastly we pray and remember all who suffer injustice in this world, all who mourn, all who are ill, and all who live in a refugee situation.  Lord, repair the world that is broken, restoring beauty, as You reconcile all to yourself.

In the name of the One who restores and strengthens us,



Presbytery Prayer for May 2017

Gracious God, we bring our praises to you with thanksgiving for the love you give to each one of us. We know that we stray from the teachings of Jesus and we are sorry that this sometimes happens and we are made aware of our weaknesses. We ask forgiveness for all our shortcomings and have the knowledge that you are a God of patience and grace, and as you know our failings you forgive and love each one of us.

We ask blessings on our Presbytery especially all conveners and committees meeting to plan our June meeting. We give thanks for Marilyn our Moderator who is coming to the end of her term. May her faith and commitment to the Lord be strengthened by her year in office and may her wisdom be used in the furtherance of the spreading of the Word in Argyll. We ask blessings on our new Moderator as he embarks on a year of commitments in serving the Church in this way. We know, Lord, you never give us any task that you have not prepared us for, and we always look to you for strength in all we do.

This is coming up to the time of summer holidays and churches are planning holiday clubs, and we ask that You encourage leaders and helpers to come forward to do this work with our young people, giving them the knowledge and the teaching that we as presbyters and church members know to be the living word.

We pray for the Church of Scotland as they embark on the General Assembly, with problems to be addressed and solutions sought in Your Name. May the Heart and Soul event bring people to know the worth of the Church and the work we do to help humanity. Social care, World Mission, Ministry  and Mission, all this we commend to you as we discuss and plan the Church of the Future.

We ask help for all who are troubled this day, be it through circumstances beyond their control or a need of a listening ear. We are your hands to help, your feet to walk alongside, your eyes to see the needs and the ears to listen for the cries in the wildernesses of life. We give thanks that you have chosen us to be the vessel which pours out the forgiveness, grace and love. Our trust is in You always, and we pray these things in Jesus name.  Amen
Presbytery Prayer for April

In this time of Lent, Lord, as we walk towards the cross and the promise of the resurrection, we give you thanks and are aware of our shortcomings. The times when we have forgotten the sacrifice you made for us, yet you love us as your beloved children.  Times when we have done things that displease you, and times when we are angry at the outcome of situations which we know you have charge of, and that you know what is best for us. Lord, forgive us.

The Spring sunshine is our hope, and the wakening of the soil our gift. For the flowers coming into season, and the grain beginning to show through the winter’s hard cold soil.  Lord, we give thanks.

We ask blessings on all who work for the Presbytery of Argyll, and we ask that you will continue to uphold the work we do in your name. Recently we have heard of sad deaths, and we ask you to comfort all who mourn with your ever open arms and with our prayers. We thank you that you sent Jesus to overcome the power of death, and to open our eyes to the Gospel, to bring life and immortality to light in the life Jesus shared with us here on earth. Lord, hear our prayer.

Lord we look forward to the time that we will be meeting in Presbytery, and the Committees are gathering at different times to carry out the Gospel and the work of the Church in Argyll and beyond. Give them the strength and the decision making to bring to our meeting in June, that we may work to your will. Lord, we ask that your will be done.

In the diversity that is our Presbytery we have people who are lonely; Lord, comfort them.

We have children who are enjoying a break from study; Lord, care for each precious one.

We have people who are ill; Lord, strengthen them.

We have people who are mourning; Lord, we pray for their peace.

Lord there is so much going on in this world, outwith Argyll, at which we despair, acts of terrorism, hunger, drought, war zones where we cannot understand the cruelty and fear that drives people to tackle long arduous journeys to reach  safety and to live in camps. Lord, may the people in power help their anguish and live out the teachings of our Lord to love one another and to welcome the stranger.

Lord, hear our prayers in Jesus’ name.



Presbytery Prayer for March

Loving heavenly Father, We thank you for all the ways by which your love reaches us, through family and friends and our fellow presbyters. Guide and guard us throughout the good times as well as the bad times. Times when we wander from the path you have mapped out for us and in Your guiding we come to the safe haven of Your ever loving arms.

We ask continuing blessing and prayers for Marilyn; may she be healed in mind and body and with the care of Your love be sustained to the life she gives in Your service.

On Tuesday, we meet as a presbytery and we pray for all the conveners of committees and committee members who have met and discussed the furtherance of Your work in Argyll. We make decisions with the whole membership of Presbytery and pray that this is all to Your will. May all travel safely and we pray for all who make travel possible in Argyll, our ferry workers,  bus drivers and community workers who keep people in  outlying districts in contact and into a community of care and love.

Worldwide there is concern for nations seeking peace and for the people who are displaced by conflict. Argyll has been a haven for Syrian refugees and hopefully they feel welcomed and are integrating into the communities they are assigned to. Our Christian teaching instructs us to welcome the stranger and to love one another. We understand their plight but cannot imagine how they have felt leaving their homeland and wider families to come to Argyll; may they feel the welcome and the love we need to give and understand. Help us, Lord, to be tolerant to their needs and to open our hearts to all who now have come to live among us.

We give thanks for all the World day of Prayer services that have taken place in our presbytery. The prayers and the worship  that has been conducted all round the world,  focussing on the Philippines but sharing their experiences of violence, low wages, water shortages and weather conditions. Lord we pray to make a difference to these  situations throughout the world with the help and the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

As the Winter turns to Spring and the ground warms to Your touch, we appreciate the colours of the flowers and the grain in the fields,  and the meadows starting to flourish and our farms coming to life with lambs in the barns and  fields. Lord we give thanks for all Your goodness to us, and we work in Your name with encouragement of the Spirit.

Guide and encourage us we pray, in Jesus precious name     Amen.


Presbytery Prayer for February

Loving heavenly Father,

This is a prayer of thankfulness and praise. Thankful for our communities and the beauty that is Argyll. Praising you for all the goodness you bestow on us and the guidance you give us to help and love one another. We sometimes let you down with our wilful ways, but we know that you know us and that you call us back into your loving arms.

We ask at this time that you give healing to Marilyn and that she will recover in time. We ask blessings on all who care for sick people;  may they be given the strength and compassion to care as our Lord did in His time on earth.

The world needs our prayers, for governments to agree and for peace to be accomplished. Our prayers for the poor and the sick, for the homeless and the abused, for refugees and for all who work to make the world a better place for the disadvantaged.

This month all the committees of the Argyll presbytery have been meeting to make decisions for the meeting in March. We ask blessings on all the conveners and committee members who plan and make decisions to support Your Church in Argyll.

Father we come with humility before you to ask forgiveness and strength and  to work in Your name    Amen.


Prayer for Christian Unity, January 2017

 God of love, you call us to be one. You call us to be faith based and not faith biased.

You call us to follow you on the road to peace.

God of Argyll, we feel and see your presence in this spiritual part of the world.

We are nestled in the cradle of Christianity and our land is scattered with signs of worship and stories of saints.

We gather by the standing stones and wonder.

We gather here as living stones and hope.

Jesus prayed that his followers would be one, yet we have made barriers that divide us from each other, and so from you.

We may be living stones, but there are stones we use that create a wall between us. Forgive us.

One stone in our wall is often our lack of love, yet we worship you who are love itself.

One stone in our wall is intolerance. Forgive us when we are impatient or unwilling to listen to our neighbour’s story.

We have yet more stones.

We bring the stone of prejudice. Forgive us our lack of kindness to those who may be different from us.

Forgive us for the stones of pride that make us think we have a monopoly on the truth.

We bring the stones that build a wall of isolation and keep out your love.

Loving God, we pray forgiveness for the stones we hurl that hurt and divide your people.

There are many stones in our wall and we would ask that you bring it down. Let it crumble into dust.

May we be living stones built on the sure foundation of Jesus Christ himself.

God of us all, weave us together in your love.

Take the threads of our lives and knit us together till we reflect the values of your Kingdom.

Unravel our differences, mend our fractured humanity and lead us on a pilgrimage together with all our sisters and brothers who love you.

Come, work with us, and weave us into one.



Presbytery Prayer for December

Loving Lord, in this time of Advent we come as travellers on the road, remembering the travellers of old who journeyed far and had nowhere to stay. We ask forgiveness for all the times we have journeyed off the path You set before us, and where we have shunned those who need our help.

Lord forgive us

Our presbytery meets this month, and we consider all the work that has been done by our committees. We ask blessings on the decisions made in Your will, that they will be carried out with Your approval.

Lord hear our prayer

This time of the year as we meet in our comfortable homes, surrounded by our families and friends, may we remember those less fortunate –   who live in poverty, are homeless, those in refugee situations, and those who have ill health  and are feeling below par, preventing them enjoying this wonderful season of joy.

Lord stay close to them

As we meet this month we pray for our congregations who are in vacancy, and all our ministers who are acting as interim moderators. May they continue to support these congregations with loving care. May our young people be nurtured within our schools and churches, so that they come to know the power of the love of the Lord in their lives.  In this time of advent all our churches are telling the story of the Birth that means so much to us as Christians.

Lord we thank you

We thank You for all the joys You give us and as we celebrate that special birthday – a birthday that changed the world and brings us our hope, our love and our saviour, in whose name we pray.   Amen


Presbytery Prayer for October

As the summer fades to Autumn, Lord we thank you for the colours of the countryside – the leaves in a kaleidoscope of tones with their swirling as they fall from the branches and settle on our gardens and lanes; the golden cornfields ripe for harvest; and our gardens settling down for the winter ahead. Lord, this is a constant reminder of your artistry and your care for us.

We ask blessings on all who live in poverty and oppression, and pray that world leaders can be persuaded to listen to the voices of reason and help the people they represent. May we be aware of these issues, and by our prayerful and monetary support, help all the agencies who work to alleviate the problems of the places in the world where there is need. We give thanks for the success of the Climate for Change Conference; may we realise the importance of caring for God’s world, and how just a little effort from each one of us we can make a difference.

We thank you for our Presbytery, working together to minister to the people of Argyll. At this time we pray for the churches in vacancy and the Interim Moderators who work to keep congregations focussed on the faith that binds them together.

Our young people and teachers are preparing for the last holiday of the year from their school work. May they have fun and return refreshed to study.

Lord, this month we pray for our Guilds starting up a new session and working with the last strand of our strategy ‘Be Bold Be Strong’. Also this month we pray for the retreat days all over Scotland called ‘Listening to God’. All of these things we bring before you Lord with the knowledge that Your will shall be done.

Grant us, most gracious God , that we may seek and love you always, and may the love you have for each one of us surround us each day, in Jesus name we pray   Amen.


Presbytery Prayer for July 2016

Loving and ever merciful God, each day we come into your presence, and as we talk with you we have come to know your love for us. We see around us each day your creation, and marvel at the works of your hand in our communities and in the countryside. We thank you for our lives, and also for those who have brought us to be followers of Jesus Christ: our parents and grandparents, teachers and ministers, and those who worked in our churches to make us realise the way, the truth, and the life.

We live in challenging times, and we look to our faith to carry us through bereavement and the loneliness that it brings, the struggle with decisions made by governments, and the violence that has crept into certain factions of our communities. Help us to know and feel your strength in all the difficulties of life; let us feel your presence when we are challenged, and know your peace when we are afraid.

Lord, we ask blessings on all the work of Presbytery, and the days we share together making decisions; and always may thy will be done. We thank you for the new Moderator of Presbytery, and all the Conveners who work throughout the year to keep the vibrancy of your word alive in the people of Argyll.  We pray for churches in vacancy, and pray that you will send the right people to minister in this lovely part of the world. We rejoice that a Minister has been called to Barra and South Uist, and we pray that the congregations may be fulfilled and be challenged by their new Minister.

Lord we pray these things in humility and with thanksgiving, and in the name of Jesus Christ, our Saviour.     Amen.


Presbytery prayer for June ‘16

Loving and ever bountiful God, we come in humility to praise your name and to ask forgiveness for all we have done to displease you. We pray that we can live with kindness, love and forgiveness  which you showed to us through the life and death of Your son Jesus.

We thank you for our environment, the places where we live and work, for natural resources which we are sometimes careless with.  Let us be aware of Your creation and how we are stewards of all that surrounds us in Argyll and in the world.

We pray for the disadvantaged, those who are without means to live in peace and of plenty, those with no homes and country, those who mourn loved ones and those who are sick and alone. Stay close to them Lord, and make us aware of those in need around us.

We thank you for the coming of Summer, of long days and beautiful sunsets, of children playing happily in the sun and in the rain showers. We pray for our young people coming up to leaving schooldays behind them and starting college or work,  and in the process of looking at the world with grown up eyes and settling into the routine of study or work. They need our prayers, Lord, facing the new challenges with the joy of youth.

We thank you for the General Assembly, the debates and the instructions to all Presbyteries and Churches.  May we be inspired and strengthened by decisions made to make a stronger Church,  and live out the instruction to love one another  and to be people of the way in helping those in need.

We pray, as our presbytery meets, that all our decisions will be carried out to Your purpose and that we continue to be seen as  disciples of Jesus. We pray for our ministers and all who work in Your name, and we ask that You strengthen our congregations in the Presbytery and that we continue to tell the love of Jesus Christ in Argyll  and beyond.    Amen


Presbytery Prayer for May 2016

Loving and ever bountiful God, we thank you for the beauty around us, for the farmers who are working with the lambing and gardeners planting to beautify your creation. We thank you for Your blessings to us in Argyll, for the hills and lochs, our road and sea networks and the people.

We ask that you bless all congregations in the Presbytery, and especially those in a vacancy. May they continue to tell of the Good News of the risen Christ,  and be empowered in the knowledge that He is our Friend and our Saviour.

In Argyll we have been privileged to be able to welcome some refugees from war-torn Syria. May they find peace and contentment in our country where their children can be allowed to play and grow up without fear of conflict. May our communities be enhanced to have people from a different culture and religion. We ask blessings on all who have welcomed them and have worked to make their life easier in adapting to a new country with a different language and lifestyle.

Lord we know that sometimes we let You down and sometimes we forget the sacrifice You made for us, but we are sorry that this can happen and we will remember all Your many blessings You bestow on us.

This month there will be meetings in preparation for our Presbytery meeting next month. Give them wisdom and support in the decision making.

All these things we ask in Jesus Name.    Amen


Presbytery Prayer for April 2016

Loving Lord, We thank you for the opportunity to worship you. We have walked the Holy week with sad hearts and have celebrated the joy of Easter day, when the empty tomb gave us the joy of knowing that Jesus was alive, and lives forever in our lives.                                                           Make us aware of your Presence.

We ask blessings on all our ministers and elders who work to bring the good news to the people of Argyll. We pray for all meetings taking place this month on the run-up to the General Assembly.  We rejoice and give thanks.

We pray for those who work to bring joy into the lives of those who are disadvantaged, for those who are ill, and for the lonely. As your children we try to be obedient and sometimes we let you down.  Father forgive us.

In this troubled world where so many are persecuted and suffer, where children cannot live in safety, and women know hardships because of oppression; we pray for peace of mind to all who are refugees, who are fleeing an unstable government and war between nations. Give reason to the rulers, that they may talk their difficulties over instead of using weapons and armies.    Lord with Your help let us bring peace and understanding

May Your love allow us to be able to turn to one another in love, and may the example of Jesus allow us to take risks for that love. In love we pray these things in Jesus name.   Amen.


Presbytery Prayer for March 2016

Loving and ever merciful God, we give thanks for all your goodness to us, the beauty of the countryside around us, shaking off the winter chills and beginning to come alive to grace the scene with every colour of the rainbow.  Your world given to us, to protect and nurture.  A world where we see all emotions, and where we can be the disciples that Jesus wanted us to be, loving our neighbour and caring for each other.

Lord, at the moment, there is conflict and bitterness between nations and peoples.  These situations are in our prayers constantly, and with Your will may they come to a peace of being able to talk the way out of conflict instead of using weapons. Our weapon is prayer, Lord, and we know that You know our every thought and hear our prayers, and we understand that they may not be answered in the way we expect. But You, Father, are the creator and master of us all, and like all parents know what is right for us as Your children.

We thank You for the Presbytery meeting and all that was decided, and hope that we carried out Your wisdom in the decisions we made. We pray for all our fellow presbyters, our ministers and our churches in Argyll and beyond, and know that You are working in this place; and we hope that Your will be done.   Amen


Presbytery Prayer for February 2016

Loving bountiful Father, as the winter chills us, and the fireside welcomes us, we come into your presence knowing your love and care are all around us wherever we are and whatever we are doing. We pray for our Presbytery members and pray for guidance in all the decisions we make, and that those decisions be to your will.

As the earth warms in the winter sunshine, and the green shoots appear in our gardens and in the hedgerows, we give thanks for all the beauty around us. We pray for our farmers as they busy themselves with their day to day tasks, and we give thanks for the Argyll landscapes coming to life after this harsh winter.

As we think and pray about our plenty, may we think about those who are living with a war situation and have very little; and those who have had to leave their homeland and live in fear for their families. May they find peace and courage in your love; and we pray that governments will talk peaceably, to come to an agreement for all to live in comfort and peace. All round the world there are places that need your love, and ours are the eyes and ears that see and hear the need; we are the channel to the love that knows no bounds, and we pray now knowing that you hear our prayer.

Presbytery meets next month, and we ask that all may travel safely and meet in the fellowship we enjoy together and with your blessing.

We pray these things in Jesus name, Our Saviour    Amen


Presbytery Prayer for January 2016

Loving and ever Gracious Father

We come at the start of the new year to give thanks for all that has passed and look forward to what is to come. In the cold light of January, we give praise for the blessings you bestow on us daily, and learn to accept the difficulties we may have to face with the passage of time.

We pray for our committees meeting in preparation of our March meeting, all together sharing our faith and our love of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Father, the way has not been easy for refugees fleeing troubled lands, for the poor coping with the rising costs of living, for the homeless who have no place to call home and are troubled, and we pray for those who are sick and for the bereaved. All of these things we bring to you in our humility, to help us to seek solutions and to show your love to all who need it at this time. We give thanks that our hands do your work, and that our eyes see the needs of others, and our feet show the way to a loving God, who knows compassion and brings an understanding of our needs.

In Jesus name we pray.    Amen


Prayer for December 2015

Loving and bountiful God, as we approach the wonder and awe of the Christmas season, we ask blessings on our presbytery and all the work done in your name by committees and congregations throughout Argyll. The celebrations and the family times we share cannot be overshadowed by the sacrifice You made in giving us that baby, whose life was to affect the world over. In the busyness of the season we can be forgetful of Your mercy and all that You have created around us.

At this time we have to be grateful that we have the opportunity to welcome those who have suffered under a dictatorship. May the love You have shown to us in our lives be apparent in the integration of the refugees to our country and culture. As they settle in their new homes, bring comfort to them all, through our faith and our acceptance of the differences in us, and allow them to live a life without fear in a land far from home.

In the latest act of terrorism, allow us to support those who have suffered and those who are bereaved. May Governments stand united in their quest to address the problem of those who kill and maim, with as peaceable a solution that is possible. We pray for leaders who meet to discuss and make decisions on this infringement of the freedom of many.

Lord, we pray for presbytery meeting this month.  May the decisions discussed in committees be acceptable to all as we unite in the glory of the birth of that baby boy, born to die on the cross, our Saviour.  Amen


Prayer for November 2015

In this month of Remembrance, Lord, we remember things in the past which have displeased you. Wars when brave military put their lives at risk to serve our country and in today’s world are still doing the same. Countries where oppressors are in power and frightening the people to the extent that they cannot live in peace. Whole families feel that they have to leave their homes and their country to try to start anew.

May they find peace.

As we come into the winter months with darkening skies and little light throughout the days, may we remember the Light of the World who strengthens and supports us through the trials of life. May we be aware of those less fortunate than ourselves, the homeless, the bereaved, the sick in body and mind, and the stateless. May your love be apparent in us and allow us to show what a compassionate God can do in our lives.

May we be channels for Your peace

Lord we pray for Presbytery of Argyll as we work in harmony to spread the gospel and to nurture our children to be caring adults. We ask blessings on all committees meeting this month, and may they be instructed to do Your will with Joy and Love.

Help us Lord to do Your Will and in the name of the saviour,  Amen.


Presbytery Prayer for October 2015

Loving heavenly Father,

We unite in prayer to praise your name. Hear us Lord as we confess that sometimes we forget the teachings of Jesus and we let You down. Yet still you love and care for us.  Give us gifts beyond compare, gifts you would have us use in Your name.

Bring us Your peace.

We give thanks for the fellowship and friendships shared at our conference, and we ask blessings on the Moderator of the General Assembly as he carries out his, sometimes, heavy schedule. Grant him the blessing of continued good health as he and his wife travel round Scotland and beyond, encouraging us and telling the good news.

Bring them Your peace.

This month in Presbytery committees meet and discuss matters pertaining to Your Church. May they be guided by the Holy Spirit and given Your wisdom to come to the right decisions to Your glory.

Bring all items of business Your peace

As the world watches the refugee situation escalating, we ask blessings on all who work to make their situation better. The scenes we see on our televisions are harrowing, and we try to imagine ourselves as refugees and homeless and stateless, but where we live and what we have seems to be too much wealth. Wealth of family, of home, of leadership, of having food to eat and a warm bed to sleep in every night

Bring Your peace to all who are in these situations.

Lord, as Autumn sets in and nights are longer, may we be comforted by the Holy Spirit to make the world a better place for the trafficked, the abused, the homeless and the  bereaved and the  lonely. May we reach out to the people who are in need at this time, fulfilling the words of Jesus who told us to love our neighbour and to care as He did while living in the Holy Land all those hundreds of years ago.

We bring these prayers and that peace in His name



Presbytery Prayer for September 2015

Loving and everlasting God,  as Summer draws to a close and the fields are prepared for harvest we give  thanks for the abundant wealth of food and water for our needs. Some, we know, have a very little amount of the necessities of life, and we ask your forgiveness that sometimes we do not share what we have with others.

We see on our televisions the plight and the dreadful situation of refugees fleeing regimes who will not listen to the peoples they are supposed to serve. We pray that governments and agencies will talk with respect and knowledge and help the many people caught up in trafficking, and for those who struggle against injustice, violence and oppressive societies.

We thank you for all the work over the summer done by mission teams and local churches for our young people. We thank you that the work will continue throughout the year, to bring your teaching through the Holy Spirit to make your message clear to all who hear and learn.

Lord we ask that within the Presbytery all our clergy will be supported and cared for, and that those churches in vacancies will find a way forward to welcome a new minister and to work in a grounded way, settled in your truth and by the Spirit coming into our hearts. Let us never forget that we are walking in Your sight and for your names sake. Amen


Presbytery Prayer for August 2015

Loving, living God,

Father, Son and Holy Spirit,

During this month help us to taste

And see

That You are good.

Help us to smell and hear,

Your Presence within and around us.

To touch and sense,

The wonders of Your creation.

We see and smell the crops ripening

To golden beauty in Your sun and rain.

We touch and taste

The ripe fruit from our gardens.

Lord, open our eyes and ears,

Our noses and taste buds,

And our sensitivity,

To the ripening faith

In our communities,

And to the flourishing fruits

Of Your Spirit,

In our lives,

In our churches

And throughout Your world.



Presbytery Prayer for July 2015

A Holiday Prayer

Lord God,

God of creation and recreation,

many will take time over the coming weeks

to be “re-created,” refreshed.

For some this will happen at home

among the familiar;

for others it will be away from home –

visiting family and friends

or discovering new destinations.

May we know that wherever we are,

wherever we go,

You will be with us;

at work or play or on holiday –

wherever we go,

You will be with us;

whether we are happy or sad,

on our own or with others,

wherever we go,

You will be with us.

May the beauty of Creation

and the blessing of recreation

refresh us and “re-create” us

this holiday time;

for wherever we go,

You are with us.


As we leave this place, we know God will be with us wherever we go.  At work or play, at home or on vacation, we know God will be with us wherever we go. Whether we’re happy or sad, on our own, or with our friends, we know God will be with us wherever we go.  So let’s go with joy, because God goes with us!


Presbytery Prayer for June 2015

Our Father in heaven, from whom all life comes, we praise you for our lives and for the lives of those around us.

We pray for those who relax on holiday at this time of year.  As they look at the sea and the hills, make them conscious of how small we all are and how vast is your world.   May they see beyond the beauty of your world to its unseen creator.  Refresh their souls by the peace and tranquillity of what surrounds them.

We pray for all who work in our communities.  May they find purpose and fulfilment in their labours.  In their business may they take time to be still and to know that you are God.  We give you thanks for those who serve us in many different ways.  We thank you for all that they do and how it enriches our lives.

We remember in our prayers the unemployed in our communities.  May they and we know that the character of the people we are is of more importance than what we do.

Almighty God, who sees and knows all people, we remember in prayer the people of Nepal.  Although their hardship and grief may have been forgotten by many, you know and see each one of them.  Give them strength to rebuild their lives and their community.  Grant them the gift of faith in you, so that even in their troubles they may be confident of your love.  We pray not only for the people of Nepal but for all communities touched by suffering and grief.

In a society that places so much emphasis on material possessions, pardon us for the selfishness that wants to hoard what we have.  Deliver us from the folly of greed, and remind us that we do not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.

We hold before you in prayer the suffering and the dying.  We pray that you will comfort the broken hearted and all who grieve.  Grant to them faith in your power by which you raised Jesus Christ from the dead.  Assure them of your love shown so clearly in Jesus.  Remind them of the suffering of Christ and assure them that he shares fellowship with all who are in pain.

These things we ask in the name of Jesus.  Amen


Presbytery Prayer for May 2015

Loving and ever bountiful God, the God who paints  the skies of  the dawn and who lights the stars at night, the God who loves us unconditionally,  we come to praise your name and to thank you for your goodness to us.

As we approach the beginning of summer and the fields and gardens are full of your creation, we think of countries where the fields are bare and the water is a treasured commodity.

We remember especially the people of Nepal who have known such hardship and grief;  may they be comforted by the prayers and the aid coming from all over the world to them, to help rebuild their country and their broken lives.

We ask blessings on all who work in your name to make the living conditions better for all who are suffering through illness, bereavement, poverty, homelessness and abuse in their lives.

This month we pray for the General Assembly meeting to discuss the work of the Church of Scotland at home and abroad. May all the commissioners travel safely and be inspired by the debates and meeting with friends old and new.

Lord, may you stay close to us and strengthen our Faith, and help us to be diligent of the problems close to home and abroad.

These things we ask in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord and saviour    Amen


Presbytery Prayer for April 2015

Lord God, we come to you at this time of sorrow and sadness as we travel towards that terrible Friday, but we are sure of your love for us in the coming of the glorious Easter day. We thank you that we are assured of the promises you made to us and the confidence of the risen Lord.  Our gratitude is shown in the way we love you and try to live the life you would have us live.

We pray for our churches here in Argyll, those in vacancies, may they be strengthened by the interim moderators assigned to them.

We pray for the disadvantaged in our presbytery; may the church uphold them in their time of need, may they know that help is open to all who cross the threshold.  May we as church members see the needs and rise to the occasion, and in doing so fulfil the teaching of our Lord who taught us to love our neighbour.

We pray for the children of Argyll as we minister to them in different forms of worship. May they realise that our God is, indeed, a great big God who loves everyone in all places.

We pray for worldwide situations in war, in drought, in epidemics, with mental health issues, in poverty, in homelessness and in sadness.  Make us aware, Lord God, of situations around us, and give us a listening ear to hear the cries of the oppressed.

We ask these things in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ,  Amen


Presbytery Prayer for February – March 2015

Our Father in Heaven, we thank you for the beauty and wonder of your world.  As Spring approaches and we see the beginnings of new life in nature, we are reminded of your power by which you make all things new.  Your steadfast love never ceases, your mercies never come to an end, they are new every morning and great is your faithfulness.

As Easter draws near our thoughts turn to the suffering and death of Christ.  We pray for all who suffer.  We pray especially for those who are treated unjustly and who suffer because of the cruelty of their fellow men and women.  Be with Christians who are persecuted for their faith.  Grant that they may be resolute in their discipleship of Christ and wise in their conduct.  May they and all Christians bring glory to you by their words and by their actions.

Remind us by Jesus’ suffering for others that we should not be taken up by our own interests but should work for the wellbeing of others.  You have said that it is more blessed to give than to receive.  Give us the joy of serving others.  We live in a world that encourages us to be selfish.  Preserve our hearts from its influence.  Teach us to deny self and take up the cross and follow Christ.

In your mercy forgive us for the times when we have put self first and have not put Christ first.  Pardon us for our deliberate choice of wrong and for the times when we have unintentionally erred.

In your great goodness you raised Christ from the dead and so fill us and the whole world with hope.  Teach us to look beyond this world to what you have promised to all who believe.  Strengthen our faith that we may believe in your mercy and power and not doubt.

This we ask in Christ’s name.   Amen.


Presbytery Prayer January 2015 

Loving and ever gracious God, who has made all things new and stays forever the same, may Your love, Your forgiveness and Your presence be with us as you guide us and guard us in this new year. May we ever please You and look to You with the awe and wonder of the wise men and shepherds in that stable where our Saviour was born. The Christmas season reminds us of the sacrifice You made by sending that baby to take on the world with compassion and love, Who taught us to be compassionate in our thinking and in our everyday lives.

We ask blessings on all who look to a new year with no hope  – the homeless – the oppressed – the refugees – the sick and bereaved.  We hold them in our prayers in the hope that things will be better for them in the coming year. Lord of the years, bless all our ministers, deacons and lay readers in the presbytery  and all our communities at this time of renewal and remembrance of the baby born with all the magnificence of the  angel choir on a starry night in Bethlehem.

As we have told the story of that night, we now journey on another year in the hope and praise of a bountiful God with thanksgiving and awe. May we live in Your light forever.   Amen


Presbytery Prayer for November

Loving and merciful God,

In Presbytery as the dark days of winter approach this gives us the opportunity to reflect on the months gone by. We give thanks for all the many gifts you give us and also the times you give us to praise and glorify you in prayer and praise. In this month of remembrance we ask that nations who war with nations can be led into peaceful negotiations and that those who have suffered war and want will know that through your love they will be comforted. As we approach the advent season make us ponder on situations at home and abroad, the embola crisis, the HIV projects working throughout the world, poverty, abuse, loneliness and all who are ill and bereaved.

We pray for our churches throughout the presbytery and especially those in vacancy and all the ministers working to spread the work and wonder of your love. O God, we give thanks that you have promised to be in our midst and to stay with us. Make us aware that we belong together and let us live together and accept each other in all our diversities. Help us to see the needs around us – in our communities and in the world – and make us aware that throughout our lives we are strengthened by your presence.



Presbytery Prayer for October

Almighty and loving God, help us to be still in your presence, that we may know that we are your people and that you are our God.  Help us to be the listening ear to that small voice that teaches us the way of our Lord Jesus Christ.

As evenings become shorter and children start the autumn holidays, may we be aware of the light of your presence and may our praise blend with all your creation.  We thank you for all the things that we enjoy, that come from your hand.  You alone are praised for all the blessings around us.

The harvests are being gathered in, and may we be mindful of the great harvest, which we as disciples have been commissioned to gather, and to reap the promises of a great and wonderful God.

We give thanks for our Presbytery in all its diversity, the islands, the towns and villages which You have created and nurtured and given into our care.  May we have the will to continue to work in Your name, through Jesus Christ our Lord,



Presbytery Prayer for September

Lord, We thank You for the fellowship shared in our Presbytery; please help us to understand and support each other and the parishes we serve. We pray for all churches in vacancy in Argyll, for Ministers who give pastoral teaching and care to their congregations, far all who are ill or bereaved – stay with them, Lord, at this time and hold them in your ever-loving arms to strengthen and support.

As summer draws to a close we thank you also for the ripening harvest in the fields and for those who work on the land, and for sunshine and rain which have helped to give an abundance of goodness. We also remember those who are hungry throughout the world, and those who suffer oppression of governments. We pray for those who have had to leave their homes and walk to refugee camps, where dignity and privacy are denied. We ask blessings on all who work in scary places in the world, who often battle daily with despair and illness – may they be upheld by the prayers of many.

All our concerns are brought before you, knowing that you are a loving and forgiving God; in Jesus’ name we pray. Amen


Presbytery Pray for August 

Loving Lord, We praise you for the beauty of Argyll, and the many riches You shower upon us. We thank You for the gift of sharing and understanding in our communities. Communities where we see need and try to fill that need, to make it a better place for those who are in difficulties and are feeling left out and have sadness in their lives.

We read in our newspaper of disasters and wars throughout the world, and at this time we are thankful that we can pray with the oppressed and the bereaved to alleviate their suffering. The trouble spots are dear to our hearts as we read of the situation in what we know as the Holy land, where Jesus walked and taught the Love of our God the Father to us all. We, as His children, must take, through prayer, responsibility and care for all who live in fear. Stay close to those in the world who are in despair, those who have lost loved ones, and children orphaned through war and oppression.

Lord hear our prayers for all throughout Argyll and in this troubled world. In Jesus name we pray, Amen


Presbytery Prayer for July

Lord, we come in adoration and with humble hearts to thank You for all the good things that surround us this day. The summer sun and gentle showers all play a part in Your creation.

As we approach the time of holidays we ask blessings on all children, who at this time leave their studies to a time of fun and laughter. May holidays be a time of relaxation to us all, and also a time of reflection as we leave the busyness of our lives and enjoy the free time spent with family and friends. We pray for all the holidaymakers who come to Argyll to gain that relaxation and that time of reflection, that we value so much. May they recharge their lives to enable them to go back to their homes refreshed, and able to settle down to everyday living with the memories of the welcome and the generosity of the people of Argyll.

We come from the presbytery meeting in June with a feeling of the work done, and to be done, by presbyters, but knowing that You are guiding us to do Your will. May we listen to the concerns of others throughout the world, the oppressed, the abused and the refugees who flee their homes as war, oppression and abuse are happening on their own doorstep. There are many who need our prayers and You alone know their trauma and distress. Stay close to all of these people in Your world as we, who live in peacetime, try to make their load easier by supporting the charities who work with these situations.

We thank You, Lord, for our part of the world, welcoming holidaymakers and giving us the gift of hospitality and the nature that is all around, with Your hand creating everyday a new wonder for us to praise and adore Your name . Amen


Presbytery Prayer for June

Gracious and ever loving God, we come with thankful hearts before you to praise your name and to thank you for all your goodness to us.

Your church has been in Assembly with all kinds of issues raised and aired, and at the start of another month we meet in Presbytery to discuss the findings of the Assembly and also to conduct the business of Argyll. May the Holy Spirit work among us and the Love of God surround us as we deal with Your Church in our local situations.

We pray for our moderator Jeff as he takes office this week; may he be strengthened by your love and guided by your wisdom.

May all our youth work and holiday clubs be a witness to your name, and may communities come together to care for all who are in need.

We pray for situations abroad where the Church works to bring the teaching of our Master to those who are living in refugee camps or under the domination of an oppressor.

These are our concerns, Lord, and we ask that our prayers be answered through Jesus Christ our Lord



Teaspoon Prayer



Prayers for General Assembly

Loving Father

As we meet as a Church in Assembly at Edinburgh this week, give support to all Commissioners .

As each council of the Church presents their report, give guidance in debate and also wisdom in answer to questions.

May the many visitors to our Assembly be inspired and know that the Holy Spirit is in all our deliberations.

We ask for a strength be given to the Moderator, Rev John Chalmers, in this year of visits at home and abroad, when he can unite us as a world- wide Church, caring for all who are in need.

We ask blessings for Rev Dr Angus Morrison as he copes with ill health; may he be aware of our prayers for him at this time.

We pray for the safe travel of Presbyters to and from Edinburgh, and for them to learn of the work of the Church in all its diversity.

May the business of the Church be conducted in accordance with your will and with your love for all of us.

We pray these things in the name of your Son, who taught us to pray and to love our neighbour,



Presbytery Prayer for May: 

Loving God,

Your love surrounds us, and at this time of the year we are aware of that love when the countryside blossoms. The yellow of the Gorse and the hedgerows alive with Bluebells, Campion and Primrose  –  the colours of a new awakening .

We thank you God.

In Presbytery, as we prepare to meet in General Assembly, we ask blessings on all our members going to Edinburgh to hear of the work of the Church, and to approve  or disapprove decisions brought before all Commissioners.

We ask for Guidance

We pray for the councils within the Church, that their work may continue to serve people at home and abroad with thankful and willing hearts. World Mission, –    Crossreach,    –    Ministries,     –   Church and Society,   –   Mission and Discipleship,   –   Council of Assembly, all need our prayers as well as our talents to help them do the work they do.

Lord Hear our Prayer

Lord, we give thanks for all the work going on in the Presbytery to bring the Gospel to Argyll, and we thank you that we have the privilege of serving in this way. We pray for all congregations in vacancy at the moment, and ask that You care for them in this wilderness time. We pray for ministers who are acting as Interim Moderators; give them wisdom and strength in what they do in Your Name

May we know Your love in all we do.

We pray these things in the name of Your Son Jesus Christ



Presbytery Prayer for Easter

Lord, we thank you for Your presence at this time of Easter.

We praise You in the joy and proclamation of Your victory.

We glory in Your ever redeeming love.

Help us to know that You are alive within us in all our praises to You in this Easter time,

reigning in Glory with the Father, the God who cares for us all the days of our lives,

who knows our every thought and remains with us for ever.



Presbytery Prayer for April

Loving God, we worship you and give thanks for all the great glory and power, which you show to us your children in the wonders around us in Argyll. The fields coming to life after the harshness of winter, the lengthening days, and the new life abounding in the fields and in the air.

In this time of Lent may we be aware of changes that can be made in our lives, and help us to listen to your still small voice of love within, which enables us to serve you in helping our communities and the wider Church.

May this Easter time renew us with the thoughts of that love, the love you bestowed on us when you gave your Son to die on the cross to take away our sin.

We thank you for all who work in your name in Argyll to make it a better place for all to live in peace and harmony. We bring to you the concerns we have in our presbytery with loneliness, illnesses, homelessness and abuse.

May we minister to all with joy and love and humility to the best of our ability, knowing that you give us all the strength to do the work you set before us.

Lord, bless us with your peace, centre us in your love and open our hearts to make us a channel of your peace through Jesus Christ our Lord, in whose name we pray.



Presbytery Prayers for March

Loving Lord

As we approach the time of Lent let us remember Your sacrifice made for us and ask forgiveness for the times we have hurt others with words ,deeds or thoughts.

In the media we hear of the conflicting interests and many anxieties in the world  – against Children and people suffering oppression and illnesses. Recently our own country suffering  from Flood and disaster. We pray for all that have been affected by the weather the damage to property and also the difficulties in travel especially in our Island communities in Argyll.

As we prepare to meet this month may we be mindful of your presence and Guide us in all we do in Your name.  Help us to sustain our ministers, worship leaders and all those who work tirelessly to  help in our communities with the diverse situations in our rural and Island Presbytery. We ask blessings on churches  in vacancy at the moment  and pray that their need be answered.  These things we ask in Jesus Name     Amen

February’s prayer for the Presbytery:

Lord God,
Thank you for Argyll;
For it’s rich mix of people, those who have lived here for generations,
those who have recently joined us,
For it’s places,
wild and windswept, brushed by sunshine
towns and villages nurturing life.

Pause….be thankful to God

We confess when we have turned away from you,
Preferring our own comforts to the deep needs of others
Holding to our own traditions and unable to reach out to all


Lord God,
Guide us again to be your people
Re-fresh us and re-awaken us

Pause …..listen for God