Presbytery Prayer Rota for  November 2021 – September 2022

Presbytery Prayer Rota 21.22

Prayer for Autumn 2021

Loving and Gracious God,  we come before you in humility to ask forgiveness for the things we have not done to reflect your love  and the things we have said which have hurt and  displeased the people around us, those who need consideration and love in these trying times.

As the harvest season draws to a close for another year, we thank you for the bounty of the harvest and may harvests around the world be gathered and shared with communities who are in need.

We are praying for the Cop26 taking place in Glasgow where we hope that getting together we can all make a difference around the world, a world of your creation. Make those who have declined the invitation to come and voice their concerns be motivated to act on the conversations and the decisions made for    the benefit of our future generations.

We pray for all presbyteries making and furthering the presbytery plan set before them. We ask for prayers for the Presbytery of Argyll working towards our presbytery plan and the ministers and congregations it will affect. The discussions have been long and difficult, but we pray that we make the right decisions and the plan works for all concerned.

The past 20 months have been difficult for many of the people in Argyll, but it has taught us to share and listen to each other, to be patient and to share the faith we have with many. Jesus was that kind, sharing and patient man who had frailties and doubts, as we have, but overcame all of these human emotions to be the cornerstone of our faith today and in the future. We thank you that we are coming out of this time of trial and that we will all be better people and live lives in the light of our Saviour and friend Jesus.

Stay close to our children going back to school to learn life skills taught by dedicated teachers, may they be receptive of what they learn and may they be enabled to make a true impact on all they come in contact with in their future vocation in Life.

Lord we ask these things in the name of the one who came to save us, and who continues to support us through life’s Journey, our Lord Jesus Christ.    Amen