Presbytery Prayer Rota for  October 2020 – October 2021

Presbytery of Argyll Prayer Rota 2020-21 full year V1

Prayer for Autumn 2020

Loving and Gracious God. In these strange times we remind ourselves of your love for us, an all-encompassing love that knows no bounds. We sometimes forget to say Thank you for all your goodness to us, our homes, our families and friends, our surroundings and at this time an awareness of the nature around us. We thank You for all these blessings in our lives.
We also remember people living with illness and bereavement due to Covid 19 and pray that they find healing and consolation in the dark days ahead.
We are inclined to think of those around us at this time but we must remember the countries who do not have the resources and the infrastructure to combat this illness, Countries who live with war on their doorstep and live under repressive governments, where the weather plays such a big part in whether the crops grow or fail, A new way must be found to share with others all that we have.
Now we are getting back to the new normal and our young people are returning to school to continue their education with new rules put in place to keep them safe. We ask blessings on all who work in this field to keep themselves and others free from infection. May the young people make up the months they have lost in isolation and those who are worried about leaving the school room to go on to learning for the skills they will need to find work in the future.
The new way we have spread the Gospel in these last few months has given us all an insight of how we can use the new technology to reach out, not only to our congregations but to people who have found comfort in how we are managing Church at this time. Argyll Presbytery have taken up the challenge and we thank all who have participated so meaningfully. As our churches open we must look to these new ways, as well as all the sanitizing and cleaning required, and meet the needs of the people of Argyll.
Finally, Lord, we thank you for our countryside around us as we slip from Summer into Autumn when our landscapes changing to the glorious colour and Winter beckons with the coming of the Baby born to redeem us, to strengthen our Faith in the love in which You surround us. We pray these things in Jesus name. Amen